Social Research

Social research is used to evaluate the effectiveness of a Social Marketing Campaign and determine whether the message is reaching the target audience or not. We provide numerous services in Social Research based on the clients’ needs and preferences such as-

Focus Group Discussion

It is a form of qualitative research in which a group of people discusses about their Perception, Belief and Attitude towards a Product, Service, Concept, Idea or Awareness Campaign. FGD is a widely used tool in evaluation of Social Marketing.

Media Monitoring

We provide effective Media Monitoring Services with proper Documentation, Content Analysis, Frequency Analysis and Editorial Opinion for any Marketing Campaign.

Impact Study & Reporting

A mix of both Qualitative and Quantitative research technique to determine the impact of a campaign as a whole. Besides data collection, we provide reporting services with proper Graphical Presentation & Documentation that showcases the facts and impacts of the campaign on target audience.

Survey & Base-Line Survey

Depending on your desire and requirement, Bangla Communications Ltd provides all kind of Data services including Survey, Base-Line Survey, Pre-Tests, Data Collection, Data Processing and Data Maintenance.