Practice Areas

Rights Issues

Human Rights

Bangla Communications Ltd has been involved with The Judicial Strengthening Projects, Access to Justice Project & Capacity Development Projects of United Nations Development Programme at various stages of the projects.

Women, Child and Minority Rights

Throughout our journey we have always cherished the opportunity to work in Women, Child and Minority Rights Programmes and Projects. Bangla Communications Ltd in association with Bangla Telefilm, produced a Television Drama Serial for Plan Bangladesh to help the Street Children of Dhaka. We also provided Audio Visual Solutions to the same organization, Plan Bangladesh, in projects like Birth Registration to stop Child Marriage, Early Childhood Care & Development, and Child Rights & Protection.


We have provided Commutication Services to International Organization for Migration and Un Women in projects engaged with Migrant Workers. Risk and Opportunities of Women Migrant Worker and Overall Health situation of Migrant workers of Bangladesh.



Public Health & Nutrition

It is one of the most alarming social issue of Bangladesh. In the last few years we have worked on projects like- ‘Campaigns to end Obstetric Festula’ with UNDP, ‘Safe Menstrual Regulation’ & ‘Linkup project’ of Marie Stopes on Sexual and Reproductive Health, ‘Expanded Programme on Immunization’ with UNICEF & WHO, ‘Community PCSBA’ project of CARE Bangladesh and provided Communications solutions.

Food Security & Agriculture

Bangla Communications Ltd has developed and supplied communications materials to Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation and iDE Bangladesh in several different projects that are engaged with Food Security and Agriculture.


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programmes are now being treated with much interest as it is now seen as the key to solve the health & nutrition related issues in remote areas. We have provided Advertising Solutions and produced communications materials for BRAC’s Water & Sanitation programme, Oxfam’s REE-CALL Projects, UNICEF’s Wash Campaign, Water Aid’s WASH Vulnerability assessment & WSUP’s Sanitation Innovation Project.



Education/Human Resource Development

Technological Integration Programme of Oxfam, Inclusive Education Programme of UNICEF, Educational Intelligence Programme of British Council & “Gonoshakkhorota” campaign of CAMPE are the showcase projects in which we worked along with several other projects in Educational Development/Human Resource Development.

Microcredit & Sustainable Livelihood

We have worked with Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation to develop communications materials for projects engaged to achieve sustainable livelihood through Microcredit and Human Resource Development.

Youth Mobilization

Youth Mobilization is one of the most effective way to encounter social problems and there are many youth activity programmes ongoing in Bangladesh. We have been involved in several of them including youth campaigns of Save the Children & Asia Foundation




Environment and Climate

Environment and Climate Change

It is a universally recognized problem and Development organizations have been engaged in different projects in Bangladesh to reduce the impact of the change. We have worked in Disaster Resilience Project of UNDP, Governance of Natural Resource of IUCN, Climate Change Adaptation of Plan Bangladesh, and Vulnerability & Capacity Assessment Project of Red Crescent.

Save the Tiger

Democratic Support


Democratic Support

Bangla Communications Ltd is extremely proud to work in projects that are responsible for improving Governance, Democracy, and Civic Rights of the citizens of Bangladesh. We have been involved with several different projects of UNDP such as Union Parishad Governance Project, Upazila Governance Project, Citizen Charter, Parliamentary Development, and Access to Information etc.