Design & Print Fulfilment

Our team consists of professionals with proper experience and skills in publication design and production enabling us to manage your publications projects from end to end. From billboards to annual reports, brochures to factsheets, leaflets to signboards, we will meet your design & printing needs with accuracy and ease.

Here is a simple description of Design & Printing process we follow as a whole-


The most important thing in preparing an effective publication or report is a clear assessment of the aims of the client and find the most effective yet simple way of reaching target audience. Our team will help you to explore all your options for specific publication formats or other information products that are appropriate to achieve your goal.

Graphical Presentation & Layout

After the confirmation and discussion of key elements of your design concept are done, visualization team will present the graphical layout in the best way possible. Draft sharings lead to feedback and due feedback incorporation. We highly appreciate the practice because we believe that client satisfaction and graphical perfection heavily lies on proper feedback incorporation.


The key purpose is to provide most cost-effective printing solution keeping in mind the need of the client, the location of distribution and the target audience. The process includes:

  • Identifying most suitable method, resource and raw materials.
  • Managing the whole publication process.
  • Maintain print quality control, including proof/colour management.
  • Ensure on-time delivery.



We provide wide range of Design & Printing options, such as:

§  Logo

§  Annual Reports, Project Reports

§  Press Ads, Magazine Ads,

§  Banners, Booklet & Leaflet

§  Calendars (wall and desk), Books, Diary

§  Flashcards, Flipcharts, Festoons


§  Flyers, Folders

§  Information kits, Invitation cards

§   Letterheads

§  Newsletters, Notepads

§  Posters, Stickers

§  Training manuals& materials

§  Sign board, Shop Sign