Advertising Solution

If you want to promote your idea, product or service in a public medium, we offer the best solution with perfect mix of different instruments. We intend to provide the best advertising products to the Advertisers and Agencies by focusing on Performance, Quality & Service. With high quality and cost effective ad units, our mission is to help our clients to achieve best ROI.


Television Commercials

With competition from new digital networks and communities, the television industry has undergone seismic changes all over the world. But one thing has remained constant: TV is still by the most effective advertising medium in Bangladesh.

We understand the fact that the effectiveness of advertisinfg media largely depend on the nature of the service/product but if you thinking of reaching most number of people possible, Television is the way in this country, atleast for now.

Our team comprises of skilled people with the supervision of key veterans of Television media who have known and worked in this medium since its birth.Moreover, we are fully equipped with high quality instruments to ensure that each and every requirement of our clients is fulfilled.


Radio Commercials

Radio still remains a very important medium in Bangladesh as it still has a very large number of listener in both Rural and Urban area. The fact is more accurate when we are talking about Development Sector as it requires huge communication in rural areas.

Radio commercials are unique in terms of not having visualization of any kind. Visualizations help in understanding what the producer is trying to say but in Radio commercials, you rely only on audio. So, to demonstrate all the facts that you are trying to promote and to reach your target audience, production of Radio commercials requires specialization to find optimal result. Jingles, Music Compositions and Tag-lines are also very important.

Here at Bangla Communication Ltd we have Senior Copywriters who are working in this area for numerous years and understands the approach needed to reach a certain type of people.


Advestisement on Printed Media/Press

Newspapers and Magazines have a very rich history in media & communication and possess a large number of loyal user base. It has always been considered as an effective medium for advertisement and we, Bangla Communications Ltd. Offer all kind of Printed Media/Press advertisements.

  • Newspaper Ad
  • Magazine Ad


  • Publication of News & Article
  • Announcements


Online Advertising Solution

Online Marketing has emerged as a very effective connecting tool in Communications Industry in recent days. Bangla Communications Ltd offers tailored online advertising solution to increase visibility, develop Brand Awareness and build your desired traffic. Our services include-

  • Social Media Campaign
  • E-mail marketing
  • Web Communication Solution


  • Ads on Web
  • Ads on Social Network